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Carat X2 Deck Case

Carat X2 Deck Case

    The best option for protecting you rare and/or favorite deck of cards.
    Thes cases are made from 5mm acrylic and feature Neodymium magnets built into each corner. The magnets securely hold the cover on and at the same time make it easy open the case. 
    The edges and corners are smooth and each case comes with 4 rubber pad stickers that can be used as feet for the case to prevent scratches. 
    There is no better way to protect your favorite signed deck, limited release cardistry deck, or your favorite designed deck of playing cards.
    Take your deck protection to the next level.
      Exterior –14.9cm x 10.4cm x 3.2cm OR 5.87 in x 4.1 in x 1.26 in
      Interior – 13.9 cm x 9.4cm x 2.2cm OR 5.47 in x 3.7in x .87in